Locals head to New Zealand

Local shooters, Darren Macartney,  Peter & Jan Jacka travelled to Dargaville, New Zealand to compete in the Nth Island Championships, and the New Zealand Compak Trans Tasman Championships as individual competitors and as team members.  Darren was in the open team whilst Peter & Jan were in the graded team.

The 100-target North Island Championship was held first,  with Grant Barton posting the winning score of 95/100 to claim the High Gun.  Grant faced some stiff opposition from British Champion Mark Vassey, who  finished with a 94, as well as many of the top New Zealand competitors who  scored into the 90s. Darren posted a very credible 92 and Jan won a second in the Ladies category.

Darren shot well in the New Zealand Compak with a score of 161/200.

The highlight of the Championships was in the Trans Tasman  Trophy shoot-offs between teams from Australia and New Zealand. Shooting for  the McGowen Trans Tasman Trophy, the Australian Open Team won the shoot-off by  just one target with a brilliant score of 120/125. Scoring when it really  counted, Shaun Krzus and Darren Macartney both shot possibles of 25, Grant  Barton 24s and Jamie Cirrillo and Matt Webster 23s. Darren had to shoot his last pair to win the event, and give him a perfect 25, he was unaware that this would give the Aussies the trophy.

In the shoot-off for the SSAA Graded Team Shield, the Aussie  team was outshot by a superior New Zealand team, who won by 13 targets.

NZ 2013 110

Open Team members L-R  Matt Webster, Darren Macartney, Grant Barton, Shaun Krzus and Jamie Cirillo.




judith nz photos 645Graded Team Members:  Mitchell McDonell – B, Jan Jacka – Lady, Troy Adams – C, Peter Jacka – A and Warren Brown – Vet.

Hay Hog Hunters do well

Local members travelled to Griffith SSAA range on 26th October to compete in the first round of the 2014 selection shoots for 5 Stand.  Two ranges presented challenging targets for all competitors set atop of the hill in amongst the pine trees and rocks.

Local Griffith member Greg Allen  demonstrated some excellent shooting over the weekend, with a score of 88/100  winning him the High Gun Prize.

Local prize winners:

AA Grade: 3rd  Darren Macartney (Hay) 83

A Grade: 1st Peter Jacka (Hay) 79,

B Grade: 1st Romain Devaud (Hay) 64,

Ladies: Jan Jacka (Hay) 68, Casey  Jacka (Hay) 67

It was decided at the SSAA NSW State 2014 - 5 Stand Selection Griffith 016and National AGM to adopt the new percentage scoring system so that all  competitors receive a percentage score of the High Gun total regardless of the number  of targets shot. To be eligible for 2014 NSW Team Selection, you must attend three  Selection Shoots and the NSW State Titles.

by SSAA NSW Shotgun Assistant Discipline Chairman Jan Jacka

Locals have success at 5 Stand Nationals

SSAA 5 Stand Nationals 2013 068Local shotgun members travelled to SSAA Shepparton on 21st September to compete at the SSAA National 5 Stand Championships.  The event consisted of 200 targets.

Four quite different 5-Stand layouts had been prepared around the grounds in parts  of an old sand quarry. Grant and his team of local helpers used the varying terrain to good advantage to present a wide variety of targets.  Local shooter Jan Jacka was runner up Ladies Champion, being the only local to bring home the trophy.

In the shoot-off for the  State Team Shield, the NSW Team of Grant Barton, Darren Macartney, Andrew Webb,  Frank Tagliapietra and Greg Allen were triumphant with a score of 799. They  were followed by Queensland (718) and Western Australia (641).

At the National Shotgun  Meeting held at the end of shooting on Saturday, Warren Brown and Jan Jacka  were re-elected as National and Assistant Discipline Chairman respectively and  a new team selection procedure was adopted. The 5-Stand National Championships  were allocated to Perth and the National Sporting Clays Championships to  Shepparton in 2014, while some other issues were discussed and resolved.

SSAA 5 Stand Nationals 2013 123Winning NSW team members:  Frank Tagliapetria (Griffith), Greg Allen (Griffith), Grant Barton (Bathurst), Darren Macartney (Hay) and Andrew Webb (Bathurst).