Greg Allen wins High Gun

SSAA Hay Branch held a 75 target event on Saturday afternoon with 30 shooters in attendance.  Visitors came from Melbourne, Swan Hill Deniliquin, Griffith, Bermagui, and Echuca.The range setters had the help of some of our new shooters, which was really good to see.

The weather was great and a good time was had by all.  Many locals were in the prizes,  with the Jacka family winning each of their grades. The day was sponsored by Gradan Industries from Melbourne which was fantastic.  Other results:


High Gun:  Greg Allen (Griffith) 66/75


AA Grade 1st:  Darren Macartney 65/75

2nd:  Chris Charleson (Swan Hill)

3rd:  Grant Powell (Melbourne)


A Grade:  1st  Peter Jacka (64/75)

2nd  Danial Spiteri (Melbourne)

3rd  Rod Wharton (Deni)


B Grade: 1st  Julian Fry (60/75)  Swan Hill

2nd  Nathan Foggo


C Grade: 1st  Jan Jacka (56/75)

2nd  Brendan Honeychurch (Griffith)

3rd  Lloyd Brett Schneider


Ladies:  1st  Casey Jacka (55/75)

2nd  Sarah Rinaldo  (Griffith)


Vets:  1st  Colin Obrien (55/75)  Bermagui

2nd  Roy Sullivan

3rd  Neil Whelan (Hay member from Deniliquin)


Sub Junior:  1st  Riley Norris (42/75) (Deni)

2nd  Keegan Hunt (Deni)

3rd  Ben McCalman (Deni)