50ft Tower almost complete

SSAA 50ft tower 5th Jan 2013 043Well its been an exciting last 24hrs at the range with our 50ft tower erected. The rails are welded on by Shane and lifted onto its footings by Crighton’s Crane.

The boys braved the 45 degree heat to weld on the rails, with everything running smoothly.  Shane Rinaldo from SJR Industries showed off his welding skills assisted by Greg Allen Building from Griffith, and locals Pete Jacka, Simon Gee, Tony Aldred(on standby with a fire truck just in case a fire did start), Jesse Thomson, Lloyd Schneider & Darren Macartney.  Trolleys for the traps and wire cable are next, which hopefully will be completed by our shoot on the 2nd/3rd February (3rd round 5 Stand State Selection).

You can view photos in albums attached