50ft Tower Completed – 27th January 2013

ssaa tower 27th jan 2013 041Sunday morning saw the completion of our 50th tower.  It has 3 traps that can be winched to any level smoothly .  This is the first of two towers to be erected at our range, the other will be a 100ft tower.   Of course when all the work was done we gave it a test run, and throws some great targets, which will be a great asset to our range.A huge thankyou must go to Shane Rinaldo& Brenden Honeychurch from SJR Industries for the fabrication works, Greg Allen for his assistance to Shane and local members, Peter Jacka & Simon Gee.  Also to the other local members that have helped to get this up and running.  Also a huge thankyou must also go to SSAA (NSW) for their assistance.  This tower will enable range setters to vary the targets, and hopefully set a few challenges.

It’s first offical run will be on this weekend.  2nd & 3rd February, when we host the 3rd round of the SSAA NSW 5 Stand selection matched.