Doug Osbourne wins 2 in a row

Doug Osbourne won High Gun on the weekend with a score of 90/100.  We were lucky with the weather this time, no wind and the temperature was about 30′, usually we have blustering winds & extreme heat.   There were some good scores recorded with about half a dozen shooters almost scoring a perfect 25. It was good to see some new shooters come and have a go, when I spoke to them they all had a great time, and will be back. It was good to see some of the newer shooters helping set the range and having input for the target setting.


High Gun:  Doug Osbourne 90/100

AA: 1st Bart Brighenti 84/100, 3rd Frank Tagliapetria 81/100

A:  1st Neil Headon 80/100, 2nd Peter Jacka 79/100, 3rd Glen Higgins 77/100

B:1st  Ian Grant 68/100, 2nd Luke Turner 68/100 after shoot off, 3rd Nathan Foggo 62/100

C: 1st Romain Devaud 53/100, 2nd David Arandt 50/100, 3rd Chris Martin 50/100

Vets: 1st  Warren Brown 78/100, 2nd Sid Guglielmino 78/100 after shoot off, 3rd  Alec Ceccato 77/100

Ladies:  1st  Jan Jacka 65/100, 2nd  Sarah Rinaldo 60/100

SubJunior:  1st  Keegan Hunt 58/100

Junior: 1st Jayden Roe 81/100

Next shoot will be on Saturday 15th June starting at 12pm –   75 targets