Pistol Shoot Enjoyed By All

Pistol Shoot July 2013 02027th & 28th July saw 35 shooters compete in the 2 day shoot held at the Pistol range.  Visitors came from Deniliquin, Mildura, Canberra, Melbourne, Coleambally, Booligal and of course our local members

Competitors showed their skills on the weekend with some great shooting,  Edwin Browne from Narrandera was the dominated the ISSF matches with 1st in A Grade – Sport Pistol, 1st in A grade Centrefire and 2nd in B Grade Standard.  In Action Match new visitor Mark Blake from Baranduda shot the highest score with 1906 -High Master Grade.

On Saturday night shooters were treated to a casserole feast and enjoyed by all.

Results from the weekend:

Action Match:  High Master  1st Mark Blake  1906 (Baranduda, Vic):  2nd  Murray Nicholson   1876 (Canberra): 3rd  Tom Webb  1873  (Canberra)

                        Master  1st Neil Grubb  1848  (Canberra)

                        Expert  1st  Mick Beckwith 1748  (Mildura)

                        Sharp Shooter  1st  Peter Griffith  1481  (Mildura)

                        Marksman   1st  Robert Crossley 1337  (Booligal)

                        Junior Action:  1st  Will Beckwith 1704  (Mildura):  2nd  Corben Quick  1124 (Mildura)


ISSF:  Sport Pistol  1st A Grade  Edwin Browne  544/600 (Narrandera)

1st B Grade  Troy Griffiths  532 (Coleambally):  2nd   Peter Griffin  515 (Mildura)

1st C Grade  Jock Campbell 525 with GRADE BREAK  (Hay):  2nd  Rowan Houston  509  (Hay):  3rd  Tom Simpson 501  (Hay)

1st D Grade  Mick Beckwith  492 (Mildura):  2nd  Gary Eade  430  (Hay)

Junior:  1st Corben Quick  469  (Mildura)


Centrefire:   1st A Grade:  Edwin Browne  532/600  (Narrandera)

1st B Grade:  Tony Aldred  532 (Hay)

1st C Grade:  Jock Campbell 525  (Hay)

1st D Grade:  Robert Crossley  481  GRADE BREAK  (Booligal)

Junior:  Wyatt Eade  328 (Hay)


Standard:  1st B Grade:  Peter Griffin  514 (Mildura):  2nd  Edwin Browne  511  (Narrandera)

1st C Grade:  Jock Campbell  499 (Hay):  2nd  Paul Rossato  474  (Coleambally)

1st D Grade:  Mick Beckwith  488 (Mildura):  2nd Jeff Anderson  482  (Hay): 3rd  Robert Crossley  468 (Booligal)