Results from National SSAA 5-Stand Championships

 5-Stand Nationals. Well what a weekend for Hay Branch. A huge thank you to all our sponsors, range setters, kitchen workers and most importantly our visting shooters from WA. QLD. VIC, and NSW. Beautiful weather made for a great weekends shooting. 6 perfect 25/25 rounds where shot and QLD took home the teams trophy. Results are as follows:-

National Champion (High Gun) – Daniel Lillis QLD 135/150
AA Grade: 1st Michael Coll 133, 2nd Nick Guerra 126, 3rd DarrenMacartney 126 after a shootoff.
A Grade: 1st Michael Elmes 118, 2nd Simon Gee 117, 3rd Travis Tatt 110
B Grade: 1st Troy Schwab 108, 2nd Jesse Thomson 104, 3rd Mark Langham 100
C Grade: 1st Ben Sweetland 99, 2nd Matt Hipwell 87, 3rd Garry Spry 74
Vets: 1st Sid Guglielmino 122, 2nd Milton Cartwright 109, 3rd John Norris 102.
Super Vets: 1st Trevor Smith 108, 2nd Warren Brown 101, 3rd Wally Pilosio 87
Ladies: 1st Mikayla Macartney 89, 2nd Sharon Lennane 50
Juniors: 1st Danon Randazzo 109, 2nd Adrian Depaoli 91, 3rd Mikayla Macartney 89
Sun Jnrs: 1st Harrison Lillis 97, 2nd Shane Blair 37

Congratulations to the following shooters on shooting 25/25 rounds
Nick Guerra x 2, Darren Macartney x 1, Daniel Lillis x 1, Michael Coll x 1, Chris Charleson x 1.

At the end of the weekend the teams event was won by QLD 610, NSW 598, & WA 470.

Open team to go to NZ later in the year:
Daniel Lillis, Darren Macartney, Paul Lillis, Shaun Krzus & Matt Webster.

Lastly National Shotgun Chairman Warren Brown & Assistant Chairman Jan Jacka both retired from their positions at the AGM held on Saturday night, Newly elected National Chairman is John Norris & Assistant Chairman is Darren Macartney.

'Winning Team:  QLD  Vinnie Vitale, Brett Chambellant, @[100001123241507:2048:Daniel Lillis], @[1804305463:2048:Paul Lillis], Mark Jones'
'SSAA Open Team:  @[100001123241507:2048:Daniel Lillis] @[100000347870551:2048:Darren Macartney] @[1804305463:2048:Paul Lillis] Shaun Krzus & Matt Webster'
'National Champion:  @[100001123241507:2048:Daniel Lillis]'
'Junior National Champion:  Danon Randazzo  WA.'